Who we are

Rodgers Oil & Gas Consulting specializes in upstream oil and gas economics analysis and decision-making, economics and fiscal systems training, negotiations support, and energy policy development. With global experience that spans more than 30 years in both the public and private sectors, and with our network of the World’s top petroleum economists and legal experts, Rodgers Oil & Gas Consulting is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

What we do

Our services and areas of expertise include: upstream oil and gas economics analysis, fiscal systems design and evaluation, economics and fiscal systems training, energy policy development and integration, and negotiations support.

Rodgers Oil & Gas Consulting is co-producer of World Fiscal Systems for Oil & Gas (WFSOG) – 2011, along with Van Meurs Corporation and PFC Energy. Comprising six (6) extensive volumes, WFSOG is the world’s largest compendium of inter-jurisdictional and petroleum basin economics analysis and fiscal systems comparison.

Building on our broad international experience, Rodgers Oil & Gas Consulting has developed unique computed-based software to assist in providing value for our clients. PEET (Petroleum Economics Evaluation Tool) is specifically designed to incorporate a multi-stakeholder approach to analysis, negotiations, training, and policy development. Building on the traditional investor focused models, and continuing to incorporate discrete base case, sensitivity, and risk analyses, PEET also recognizes the full range of stakeholder perspectives in order to provide the framework for comprehensive assessment: investors (private and public), governments (national, state, and local), consumers, suppliers (goods and services and labor – both domestic and imported), overall economy (both direct and multiplier/spin-off impacts).