Rodgers Oil & Gas Consulting offers specialized consulting services in economics analysis and fiscal system design and evaluation.

Some of our consulting assignments:

  • African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) – Review of fiscal system competitiveness for association members (2011 – ongoing).
  • Canada: International Investor – Retainer contract to provide advice related to international investment opportunities (2011 – ongoing).
  • Fiscal System Research – Subcontract to Van Meurs & Associates to provide research services to support “World Fiscal Systems for Oil and Gas: Edition – 2001”.
  • Mexico: Subcontract to Van Meurs & Associates to advise Petroleos Mexicanos respecting petroleum rights issuance and fiscal system alternatives (2001).
  • Russia: Management and delivery of the “Evaluation of Petroleum Joint Ventures Project”. Under the auspices of the Canadian Institute for Resources Law, this project included economic assessments of: (1) Western petroleum investment in Russia and (2) the Russian petroleum fiscal system and related proposals for reform, and a report on “Options for Kamchatka Gas” (Jan. 2000).
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Economics of Alternative Options for Newfoundland Gas (2001).

We maintain detailed descriptions and up to date analysis for all jurisdictions